Rick Dover

Rick Dover has worked as a self-employed real estate developer in numerous parts of the country.

Rick Dover and Knoxville City Leaders Finalize Supreme Court Building Details

RickDover-Headshot2Rick Dover and his Knoxville firm, Dover Development Corporation, beat out three other design firms in the proposal of a mixed-use development for the former Tennessee Supreme Court building downtown. While most of the negotiations have been behind closed doors, Dover provides insight into some of the most common concerns regarding the project in the following Q&A.

Q: The Supreme Court site has been vacant for more than a decade. Why the interest in revitalizing the building now?

Rick Dover, Knoxville: The city has actually been trying to get a developer interested for several years. However, two previous attempts were unsuccessful. The city of Knoxville purchased the property from the state in 2015 and soon afterwards, city leaders revised and released a request for proposal, which clearly outlined the city’s goals for this 1.7 acre city block. Continue reading


Rick Dover, Knoxville Developer, Offers First Look at New Condo Complex

Rick Dover KnoxvilleThe Residences at Pryor Brown is an exciting new multi use complex with high-end condominiums, says Rick Dover. Knoxville resident will begin moving in in 2018.

According to builder Rick Dover, the Knoxville site, formerly known as the Pryor Brown Garage, is in the process of getting a modern-day makeover. Dover Development Corporation recently released a preliminary design plan which unveiled the final look of the Residences at Pryor Brown. Architect Faris Eid of DIA is listed on the drawings.

The drawings reveal what appears to be retail space along the northern side of the building, along Church Avenue. Rick Dover says Knoxville business owners will here have access to affordable storefronts, which are in high demand in the downtown area. The Church Avenue entrance will boast garage parking and sidewalk canopies. According to Rick Dover, the Knoxville landmark’s windows will remain visually similar with modern “tweaks,” including energy-efficient glass.

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Rick Dover: Knoxville School a Historic Treasure, Future Now Secured

Rick DoverThe future of a Knoxville landmark has been announced by real estate developer Rick Dover. The Knoxville native says the city’s iconic former high school building is slated to become Dover Development’s newest senior living center project.

Rick Dover says Knoxville architecture has a personality of its own and he is pleased to be able to breathe new life into a location that means so much to so many. According to Dover, the school handed out its final diploma in 1951; city leaders have since struggled to keep the building erect. The campus has stood vacant for some time and the years have not been kind to many of its more delicate elements, asserts Rick Dover. The Knoxville senior center planned for the campus isn’t going to come cheap and Dover has estimated that his company will invest more than $15 million in the end. A small price to pay, he says, for the privilege to get his hands dirty renovating the building’s solid maple floors and soaring tin-tile ceilings.

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Rick Dover, Knoxville Businessman, Injects $15 Million into Senior Housing Project

Rick Dover KnoxvilleIf you live in Knoxville, chances are, you are connected to the old Knoxville High School some way or another, says Rick Dover. The Knoxville land developer recently acquired the historic building and has set into motion plans to reclaim its grand campus as a senior lifestyle center.

Q: What did you find special about the school that prompted Dover Development to take on such an expensive project?

Rick Dover, Knoxville: I’m what you would call a history nerd, I love old buildings…the memories they preserve inside their walls. The school building not only holds a great deal of nostalgic power over me, but is also a practical choice for a residential facility.

Q: How’s that?

Rick Dover, Knoxville: Each former classroom is an ideal size for a small apartment. The units will each contain a bedroom and bath along with a small living room and washer and dryer. The best part about each apartment is all the natural light from the huge windows.

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Rick Dover, Knoxville City Officials Inch Closer to Supreme Court Site Proposal

Rick Dover KnoxvilleRick Dover, a Knoxville business owner and founder of Dover Development, has been working with city leaders for several months regarding the renovation and repurposing of the former Supreme Court building downtown.

Q: The Supreme Court Building has sat vacant for some time now. Can you explain why it is taking longer than expected to start the project?

Rick Dover, Knoxville: Right now, we are awaiting input from the City Council. In the next few weeks, the council will convene to look over the plans, which currently include a luxury hotel, apartments, and retail space. After much thought, it was determined that the public should have more input into the proposed use of the land and building.

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Rick Dover – Knoxville Garage Gets New Life

Rick Dover KnoxvilleBuilt in 1925, the iconic Pryor Brown garage was nearly demolished a few years ago. Then Rick Dover, Knoxville-area real estate developer, entered into an agreement with the Conley family, who owns the property, and the Knox County Commission to renovate the historic property for use as apartments.

According to Rick Dover, Knoxville is a gorgeous town with striking architecture. Unfortunately, many of the buildings he remembers from his youth – Dover is now 62 – have been all but forgotten. The Pryor Brown garage is one of these. The garage, which is thought to be among the first of its kind in the country, was one of the original mixed-use developments in Tennessee. Rick Dover says Knoxville native and namesake Pryor Brown took great care in the design of the building, which remains structurally sound despite a recent partial roof collapse.

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Rick Dover of Knoxville Restores Hometown One Building at a Time

Rick Dover KnoxvilleReal estate developer Rick Dover, a Knoxville, Tennessee native who has traveled around the world, returned home 25 years ago and has been restoring the area ever since.

Dover began his career about as far removed from real estate as possible. After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a liberal arts degree, Rick Dover left Knoxville to work as a deckhand on a ship out of Miami. After about a year, life on the go became taxing and Dover moved to Houston where he taught sailing to the area’s prominent businessmen. It was one of these encounters that put Dover on a path to real estate development. A customer mentioned a job opening at a commercial real estate company and Dover took it.

Fast forward several years. Rick Dover says Knoxville became home once again after the death of his father. An encounter with his grandfather soon after planted the seeds of the future in Dover’s head. Dover realized there was a great need for both quality senior housing and community pride in the area. That’s when he began taking historic buildings – mostly schools and hotels – and turning them into assisted living facilities. According to Rick Dover, Knoxville has a full inventory of architecturally stunning buildings just waiting for a little TLC.

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