Rick Dover

Rick Dover has worked as a self-employed real estate developer in numerous parts of the country.

Rick Dover, Knoxville Developer, Says Exercise is Key to Alzheimer’s Prevention

Rick Dover KnoxvilleAccording to Rick Dover, Knoxville developer, Alzheimer’s disease affects more than 5 million people in the U.S. alone. An estimated ten million baby boomers (1 in 8) will develop Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, a new case is diagnosed every 70 seconds. Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills, and eventually the ability to carry out the simplest tasks. It is the seventh leading cause of death. While no one really knows what causes Alzheimer’s, some of the signs include, impaired memory, restlessness, language deterioration, emotional apathy, impaired behavior, and confusion.

Alzheimer’s can happen to anyone, says Rick Dover, Knoxville.  It cannot be cured, but it can be prevented. There are many studies that proof exercise can delay or prevent Alzheimer’s.

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Rick Dover: Knoxville Properties Revisited

Rick Dover KnoxvilleRick Dover of Knoxville-based Dover Development Corporation recently sat down to discuss his “baker’s dozen” collection of projects completed in East Tennessee since 1993. In the following excerpt from that interview, Dover recounts a few of his favorites.

Q: What is the most unique property you have renovated?

Rick Dover, Knoxville: Honestly, they are all unique and interesting. One that really stands out is the Carmichael Inn, which we finished in 2007. The building is a two-story log cabin that used to serve as a stagecoach. Today, it’s a restaurant with an expansive front porch and serves what is unquestionably East Tennessee’s best fried chicken and banana pudding.

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Rick Dover of Knoxville, Tennessee, Begins Project in Macon, Georgia

Rick Dover KnoxvilleRick Dover and his Knoxville property development company, Dover Development Corporation, were recently chosen as the redeveloper for the Alexander IV Elementary School building. The historic building, which is located approximately 4 ½ hours south of Knoxville, is one of many similar projects spearheaded by Dover.

Q: Dover Development Corporation has historically stayed in and around East Tennessee. How did the project in Georgia come about?

Rick Dover, Knoxville: We always have our ears to the ground looking for an interesting project. This is a little further away than we normally work but it is such an architecturally interesting building and a historically significant campus. We simply could not let it sit and crumble.

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Rick Dover of Knoxville Opens Northshore Senior Living with Ribbon Cutting

Rick Dover KnoxvilleNearly 200 excited people crowded the interior of Northshore Senior Living in April, says Rick Dover. The Knoxville retirement community opened in December and has since attracted the attention of the city. The ribbon cutting was scheduled for four months after residents began moving in to allow time for seniors to acclimate to their new environments before being bombarded with excited eyes, Dover says.

According to Rick Dover, the Knoxville center is a different type of project than he’s used to, but one he is proud to have been a part of. Dover Development Corp. has made a name for itself by renovating historic structures. Dover is partial to old schools and hotels since these places hold many memories for the members of a community and are often already designed to maximize space. Northshore Senior Living was the first new construction senior complex of its kind for Rick Dover. Knoxville residents, by the looks of the crowd, are impressed.

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Richard Dover, Knoxville Developer, Encourages Infill Development

Rick Dover KnoxvilleAccording to Richard Dover, Knoxville developer, reasons for rehabilitating, reusing, and developing parcels in already developed areas are multiple. Towns and cities across the country are learning that this can lead to greater walkability, less infrastructure cost, and lower environmental impact. Infill, which is the idea of reusing or rehabilitating a building to fill a market need or developing underused parcels, helps create a more dense environment in an already developed area. This can lead to a greater sense of community, says Richard Dover of Knoxville.  Uses run the gamut, most often focusing on housing, but also involving retail, offices and entertainment.  

In pre-automobile America, people lived in dense neighborhoods that provided for most of their everyday needs. Things like grocery stores, tailors, and the likes were located within a close walking distance to their homes. The density of cities and towns began to change with the development of new technology like the street car. People began to live in primarily residential neighborhoods, instead of places with a mix of uses. According to Richard Dover, Knoxville based supporter of infill development, the automobile allowed people to live further from commercial centers. This meant developers could build new, primarily residential communities away from the stores in areas known as green fields, which led to the creation of suburbs. Instead of putting new houses and businesses in cities and towns where there might be empty parcels, underused buildings, or buildings needing rehabilitation, developers looked outside these areas.

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Rick Dover of Knoxville Development Firm Discusses Recent Open House

Rick-Dover-IDB-Alexander-InnNorthshore Senior Living is not a typical project that most people would associate with Rick Dover. The Knoxville businessman and property developer is beset known for his exquisite historic renovations. Here, the founder of Dover Development Corporation opens up about the recent open house at Northshore Senior Living.

Q: When did Northshore Senior Living open its doors to residents?

Rick Dover, Knoxville: We actually had a soft opening at the end of 2016, the day after Christmas. Since then, more than two dozen active seniors have moved into the complex. Continue reading

Rick Dover, Knoxville City Leaders Release Supreme Court Building Scorecard Results

Rick-Dover-Headshot3After several months of intense private meetings, Rick Dover and the Knoxville City Council have released details of the negotiations regarding a proposed mixed-use development in the former State Supreme Court building downtown.

According to Rick Dover, Knoxville city leaders made the announcement in late 2016 that Dover Development Corporation had been chosen out of four competing developers to complete the project, if approved. Dover Development beat out BNA Associates, Marble Alley, and Commercial & Investment Properties, Co. with a score of 102. The other firms received scores of 75, 67, and 92 points respectively. Continue reading